Do Not Fear

In the Book of Joshua, the Lord mentions “do not fear” before they attack Ai (Josh 8:1).  “So Joshua burned Ai and made it a heap forever” (Josh 8:28).  When Joshua faced five kings of the Amorites, Josh 10:5, the Lord said, “Do not fear them for I have given them into your hands” (Josh 10:8).  Israel won that battle, and God fought for Israel (Josh 10:13-14).  Then several nations from the north, east and west gathered against Israel, Josh 11:1-5, the Lord said, “Do not be afraid because of them” (Josh 11:6).  The Lord delivered their enemies into their hands and Israel defeated them (Josh 11:8).

Joshua/Yeshua/Jesus are all one and the same name which means “Jehovah the Savior.”  Christians fight battles under the leadership of Joshua/Jesus.  God’s message is still the same, “Do not fear,”  “Do not be afraid of them.”

Be encouraged by Israel’s great victories under Joshua.  Have faith in God and Jesus.  He will give you many victories in Christian Service.


Rick Laing
Preacher and elder of Highland Village