From Our Hearts to Yours

Thank you Highland Village, for adopting our family into yours.  We are excited about the opportunity to share our lives together!  We believe in being present in your lives and vice versa.  The only way for us to be present in each other’s lives is through communication.  We want to know when things happen in your life; If you or a loved one is in the hospital, you’re going through a difficult time, a need of encouragement, etc.  We want to know of occasions when we can rejoice together as well. so please, let us know if you get a promotion, engagement, a new child in the family, etc. 

We talk about the first church as being together, Acts 2:44– “All the believers were together and had everything in common.”  This is the family of God at Highland Village and we want us, and God to be present in each of our lives.  You can inform us by contacting the church office or myself.  My contact information is on the front of the bulletin.  We look forward to forming a great partnership and  an atmosphere of “togetherness”.


Jason Butler



how sweet, how heavenly

when love in one delightful stream thro’ every bosom flows;

when union sweet and dear esteem in every action glows.


Those People!

Don’t you just love those people? You know who I’m talking about. The ones who are always critical of what you’re doing. The ones who discourage you and sap all your energy.  The ones who will go so far as to make up stuff about you.

It’s nothing new. Those people have been around forever. Even Ezra and Zerubbabel had to deal with them when they returned to rebuild Jerusalem and the temple. And guess what? Those people were successful! They got the king to send a letter to stop the building!

Crazy, isn’t it? Those people could really get you down if you let them. But we know better. We know the end of the story.  We know the city and the temple were rebuilt. And we know that a descendant of David is alive and well and ruling over everyone today!

Oh, He’s not in Jerusalem. He’s living in the hearts and souls of those who love Hi and Keep His commandments. So, the next time you run into one of those people, remember Who is on the throne. And remember that one day every knee will bow!


J. Richard Thompson, Nashville, TN. via Power for Today 2016